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I'mStephanie Wong

Designer, Researcher and Marketer

I am a UX/UI designer and researcher, based in Vancouver, Canada. I got a multidisciplinary background in design, research, marketing and business. Recently, I have finished my MSc in HCI at SIAT, SFU. Accomplished User Experience Designer with 7 years of working with national and international clients (USAID, Xcerion, Okidoki, SP Technical Research Institute, SECP and Samsung). I am currently looking for a full-time position. Design and art is my passion. I have always loved to sketch and paint. I am personally inspired by the artist Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. Check out some of my artworks. I also love swimming, hiking, cooking and meeting new people.


UX Designer/Researcher

Samsung, Canada- Sept'15 – Apr'16

Worked with Samsung Canada to create SmartCrew - an intuitive UX/UI design smartwatch app that makes Flight Attendants Workplace collaboration more efficient

Grad Research Assistant

Connections Lab, Canada- Sept'15- Sept'17

UX designer for Translink Mobile Game Design and Development. Production Designer for conference videos. Social media strategies for Supervisor's social presence

Senior Graphic Designer/Asst. Director

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan-Mar'12 – Sept'15

End-to-end project manager for major IT initiatives, marketing and creative campaigns - from requirements analysis, strategy creation, designing and implementation to usability evaluation of websites/apps. Researched, designed and rebranded SECP full branding toolkit with published branding guidelines to ensure consistency in the brand image across all departments and third party vendors.

Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator

Client Insight, Canada- Aug'12 – Sept'15

Design of corporate identity and creative promotional graphics for CI and sister company "Gemstone Cattle Company". Using my analytical skills and keen understanding of CI consumer's journey, enhanced and improved the UI/UX of CI website and social media platforms. Generated tweets for CI clients to produce monthly ROI and attain high search engine ranking.





Experimental Design

Assessing the Usability of Smartwatchesfor Academic Cheating during Exams

This research paper was published in MOBILEHCI 2017; one of the top tier conferences with 20 percent chances of successful publications. As my research is in collaboration and usability of smartwatches. The goal of this study was to assess students' abilities to cheat on exams using a smartwatch; the cheating paradigm set as an example to understand the perceived usability and appropriation of smartwatches in an academic setting. I was interested in comparing picture-based and text-based answers, as well as MCQs and SA questions. I conducted a laboratory experiment with 16 participants (5 males and 11 females), and focused on one wearable (i.e. smartwatches) to test how students can appropriate them to cheat in an anatomy assessment. I examined the effectiveness, efficiency and usability of the smartwatch based on our five hypotheses. My role included:

User Research
Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

I analyzed the data using a two-way repeated measures ANOVA and used the Usability Metric for User Experience (UMUX) for analyzing the usability of the smartwatch. For the qualitative analysis, I used the think-aloud method and semi-structured interview to gain insight into the usage of the smartwatch for cheating.


I discovered that students with no prior cheating experience or knowledge of assessment can cheat effectively using smartwatches. They score higher on the MCQs test assessment versus the Short Answers. However, there is no significant difference in the efficency to use for either test assesment or response format (Picture vs Text).


Smartwatches which are not designed to be a cheating tool, can be appropriated to cheat, and provide contextual and glanceable information in both text and pictures. Even with low usability rating, the study highlights that students and professionals would be motivated to cheat using the smartwatch if it reduces stress and helps to gain grades or monetary benefits.   The study emphasized the need to explore how cheating can be deterred using: (a) more constructive response formats, (b) further investigation on the interactions for Short Answers (SA) for the two response formats (Picture and Text) and (c) the frequency of interaction in relation to the position of the smartwatch.


Interface Design

My main role in each of these interfaces was to make the interaction for the user more useful. I focused on the goal, message and accessibility of each website. Then, I highlighted the services/products or promoted the campaigns based on those particular user needs. From content creation, design to final implementation, I delivered these websites customized in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and other platforms such as SharePoint, WordPress and Joomla. Making them responsive and accessible across different platforms.

Landing Pages

I designed these landing pages to provide two functionality: a. to drive traffic to the main webpage of all the product/service or b. to communicate the launch of the new brand.

BestBuy (Canada) - Download resposive file

Connections Lab (Canada)

iCloud, Xcerion AB (Sweden)

Client Insight (Canada)

Lokkali (Pakistan)
Creating awareness and engaging the students to take interest in folk theatre by developing a Non Govermental Organization Campaign called Lokkali. Web-banner and landing pages was used to encourage students sign up for the poster exhibhition and becoming volunteer members.

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
Customized the HTML intranet and created banners to promote the organization's culture across branches in Pakistan. Employees became more informed about the events and could participate due to the timely events updates.

The banner in the homepage calls attention to users to find out more information for this event. Below is the internal page with more info.

Banner designed for the Annual Sports Events in SECP


SECP Portals (Pakistan)
Creating awareness and engaging the students to take interest in folk theatre by developing a Non Govermental Organization Campaign called Lokkali. Web-banner and landing pages was used to encourage students sign up for the poster exhibhition and becoming volunteer members.

Thin Film (Sweden)
A Swedish expert company focusing on R&D of signal processing and control systems for the vehicle industry.

USAID JOBS Project (Pakistan)

Smaller Organization Websites

Arch S&P Pvt Ltd (Pakistan)

JOBS International Private Limited- JIPL(Pakistan)

Kikobar (Sweden)

www.626green.com (USA)
San Francisco Green Cabs



Stephanie have shown to be flexible and have plenty of visual ideas for design concepts and capability to execute and deliver visually effective graphics. The level of productivity is excellent.

Daniel Arthursson


Stephanie has developed a new method for analysing competences in an innovative organization and communicated the result in a clear way. Valuable results were obtained that will be used in further strategic planning at SP concerning competence and resources in the fields of automotive technology.

Peter Leisner

Head of Electronics Department-SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Stephanie has displayed her strengths by actively participating in numerous campaigns from understanding the not so well written briefs from clients to the endless hours spent developing a campaign line. She has amazed us all.

Owais Hamid Khan

CEO- Ideas Workshop

Stephanie Wong
Vancouver, Canada